Polar Bear Shirts – Cool Hoodies For Cold Climates!

The first time I saw some Wolf X Bear – polar bear shirts for sale, I was disappointed. However, my search for unique clothing quickly turned into an addiction; so, I bought several different polar bear tees, sweatshirts and jackets. My goal was to find a polar bear hoodie that incorporated the cut and comfort of a traditional sweatshirt, while still having the unique look of a hoodie.

Make Your House Even Cuter With Polar Bear Shirts

While looking for polar bear shirts for sale, I discovered that they are available in many different styles and cuts. Some are long sleeved, some are short sleeve, some are plain, some have a cartoon character on them, and some have a cross on the back. In addition to all these styles, some come with a cute ask or a zipper pocket, and some brands come with a detachable hood. In my quest to find the best polar bear shirts, I looked for two different types of hooded sweatshirts: women’s hooded sweatshirt and men’s short sleeve sweatshirt.

I chose the women’s hooded sweatshirt with the cute ask because I already owned the sweater and hoodie, and I also had some extra fabric that I could use for the cross on the back. I was not disappointed with the results. The women’s polar bear shirts usually took us four to five days to ship from California to New York. The average shipping time was only two business days. Although the sweatshirts and hoodies usually arrived in perfect shape, I did have to sew the names and letters in by hand.

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