Body Detoxification Diet

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Many people do body detoxification diets for a variety of reasons including physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. Some people do them to lose weight, while others do it to reverse chronic conditions, which have not responded well to conventional medicine. Whatever the reason may be, a body detoxification diet can work wonders for your health, but only if you take the right approach. Going on a natural detoxification diet without proper planning and though and without consulting your doctor may do more harm than good. Although it is a very powerful tool, caution has to be used as with all powerful tools in life.

For starters one should never diet without drinking liquids, even though it is possible to fast on water alone for some time. It is recommended to start slow and work yourself up to a more vigorous regimen. For example, if your diet right now consists of junk food such as cookies, cakes, chips and other processed foods, it is not wise to jump directly into a pure water fast as you can fall extremely ill since the body will get rid of toxins at an accelerated pace. It is advisable to start replacing those processed and refined foods with fruits and vegetables.

Then when you feel comfortable, and if you are mentally, emotionally and physically ready, you may start a juice fast for a few days. This will eliminate the toxins at a more accelerated pace from the body than a whole fruit or vegetable fast. But the trick is to listen to the body. If you are not ready to take this step, then please listen to your body.

When you start a juice fast, it may be hard at first to resist the lure of more substantial foods, and you will most likely crave. However, after a day or two the temptations subside and you won’t feel hungry as much and have those cravings any longer. It will be much easier to continue the fast, but the initial few days is what can be difficult. When first starting a body detoxification diet your energy levels may drop, but they will gradually increase again when you are deeper into the fast.

Juice diets are also very advantageous compared to other diets. The reason is because they are one of the easiest to function on while providing the appropriate nutrients to all the body cells. They provide enough sugar and nutrients to keep energy levels up and even provide fair amount of sustenance. You may be able to lose weight much quick as well because the juice keeps the metabolism from slowing down.

Although not as popular as juice fasting, water fasting also has its own advantages despite its intensiveness. Water fasting should only be done if one is prepared mentally, emotionally and spiritually since it can require a lot of dedication. It is usually done by more advanced fasters who do them quite regularly. It is also recommended to do once one has actually completed a proper round of juice fasting since it just takes it one notch higher in terms of the intensity. The advantages of the water fast are that it cleanses the system of toxins much quicker than any other method, as well as its simplicity.

However, the problem is that if one has not taken the proper pre-requisites to water fasting as those stated above, then the toxins may be cleansed faster than the person can handle, and may cause severe illness. This is why it is recommended that one is adequately prepared in all regards and takes this form of detoxification quite seriously. The good thing is that if one is properly prepared then they may be able to fast like this for two or more weeks. Overall, the most important thing to remember when one decides to do any detoxification diet is that intuition is key. Listening to your body and how it reacts to certain foods, and how it responds to that particular fast is vital if one wants to make progress in his/her health.