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New Jersey’s Own: Marcus Butler

Marcus Butler from New Jersey is an entrepreneur who serves the forgotten people of America. Mental health is indeed America’s forgotten crisis. Thankfully, people like Marcus are now standing up for those without a loud voice of their own.

But real change starts at home. In this case, each and every household in the country can play a part in reversing the trend. Take Marcus Butler. He isn’t only a hero in his professional life. In his personal life he’s a hero to his children.

Marcus Butler: Home Life and Children

His daughter is his “little princess,” and always gets to ballet practice on time. Marcus recognizes the importance of extracurricular activities in mental health and thus encourages his daughter to become the best that she can at ballet. Even helping her learn a thing or two!

As anyone raising daughters will tell you, it’s not easy! But knowing a thing or two about mental health sure does help a bit.

Marcus Butler has 2 main goals in life. Besides helping people in America deal with mental health problems, Marcus strives to be the best dad and husband that he can possibly be. Not an easy goal, but for New Jersey’s Marcus Butler, it’s perfectly achievable. A father who understands his kids AND wants to spend time with them is quite a rare thing in today’s world.

Marcus Butler of New Jersey not only talks the talk when it comes to mental health, but walks the walk. He manages Monarch Health Services Group which helps people all over the country deal with behavorial health issues. He has exploded the company’s growth since 2016 and responsible for Monarch’s national expansion.

Hobbies and Interests

As for Marcus himself, one of his favorite hobbies (like many other entrepreneurs) is golfing. He particularly enjoys golfing at the Galloping Hill Golf Course in Teaneck New Jersey every week. Luckily for him, his wife says that she doesn’t mind! And how can she? Marcus and his wife both realize people in healthy relationships need some time apart every so often.

However, there is one hobby that binds them strongly together, and that’s a little bit of gambling at the casinos every week or so. Casinos are quite popular in NJ.

Thankfully, knowing your limits on how much you can afford to spend is very helpful for gamblers, and Marcus Butler and his wife pride themselves on being responsible gamblers who know their limits. And after all, a little harmless entertainment now and again isn’t a big deal.

What does Marcus Butler of New Jersey want you to know?

The lesson that Marcus would like people to take away from this is that knowing about mental health and the dangers of addiction can help prevent one from becoming an addict in the first place, either by avoidance or by indulging responsibly.