Treating Foot Arthritis with CBD Oil

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Foot Arthritis Might Be Treated With CBD Oil

Foot arthritis is probably one of the most common forms of arthritis. Considering that, on average, by the time we are 60 most of us would have walked a total of about 75,000 miles. People are finding that CBD and hemp oils offer some relief.

That is a lot to carry for a couple of feet which consist of 28 bones and 30 joint, and like any part of the body, if you don’t take care of them they will “bite” you in the end.

In fact almost half the people in their 60s and 70s have arthritis affecting the foot or ankle, mainly around the big toe, the ankle, mid and back foot joints.

There are two common types of arthritis to be aware of.

Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis

Osteoarthritis is a joint degenerative disease which causes wear and tear of the joints.Because of the constant pressure on these joints in the feet and the big toe when we run and walk, the joints wear and the cartilages erode, causing friction and fusing of the bones.This in turn gives us the aches and pains as well as stiff joints. When we experience this pain in our feet or knees, we obviously try to change the way we walk or stand to alleviate the pain which again can result in sprains or worse fractures in the feet.

Osteoarthritis does not only affect the feet, but also the knees, your hips, your fingers, your back and very often the neck area and it generally starts around middle age or older people.

Arthritis FootRheumatoid arthritis on the other hand is a disease that riddles your whole body and can also be passed down through your family line. It starts in the feet and can be very painful when your foot arch collapses and affects the way you walk and stand. This in turn leads to joint inflammation which can be excruciatingly painful and then also trigger inflammations in other parts of your body. So in order to avoid this, early treatment combined with the right diet and footwear designed to give to additional arch support will help you manage that pain.

The symptoms in the knees include swelling of the joints, stiff knees, your knee is tender to the touch and you feel a bit off balance due to the weak knee joint. In the foot your symptoms include corns on your feet, the big toe turns stiff and is very painful to move, you get bunions and the ankle joints are tender and very painful when walking.

Because we rely on our feet so much and they get a lot of pressure on a daily basis supporting your body, arthritis in the feet can be very painful. To help you cope and make live more manageable think about changing your diet, getting some treatment though acupuncture and make sure you get the right footwear. Arthritis shoes, specifically designed for arthritis sufferers will give you the additional comfort and support needed to help you walk better and alleviate the pain.

Some other treatment methods to control the pain, apart from surgery, include medication and exercise. Medication such as aspirin and ibuprofen can help control the pain and in some cases, injection of steroid medication can help. Do not attempt to diagnose yourself, but see a doctor or medical professional before attempting anything on your own. The doctor may then prescribe the right medication and exercise as well as make the appropriate recommendations for your special shoes. Arthritis shoes, depending on your condition, can include a shoes with an extra deep toe box or a soft arch support with a rigid heel. There are many variations of arthritis shoes and you need the right advice to help make the right selection for a shoe that will give you a comfortable and more stable walk.

The final option to consider, depending on your doctors recommendations is surgery, but like anything, that may be the “last resort” to take. To avoid having to “go down that road”, make sure you see your doctor early, when you start feeling pains and stiffness in your feet and knees. Like all sicknesses the key to effective treatment is early diagnosis, so that you have the best chance of treating your foot arthritis before it gets worse.